Most of our products have been designed to suit the Construction Industry, however many of them are suitable for use in all sectors.  Below is a selection of our products – click on the product title to get further details of each product and to request demo / trial versions.  We are also available to build bespoke software solutions or to customise any of the products below to suit your individual needs.


InControl Box

InControl CRM

The InControl CRM is a Customer Relationship Management application designed to help you manage your Sales Pipeline.

InControl CRM is particularly suited to track and manage Construction Market leads throughout Ireland and the UK. Each week, clients are notified of new construction projects, updates to existing projects and any previous correspondence due for review.

You can download the full version of the program and request a Trial License to allow you to try the system for your self. You can purchase a Full License at any time during the trial. This will unlock the program fully and allow you to continue to use any information entered.

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OmniDrop is a small utility application which can be used to create new Tasks in OmniFocus for the iPad

OmniFocus is a a great task management app available for the Apple Mac, iPad and iPhone.  It is specifically designed based on the GTD system. 

OmniFocus is not available for the Windows platform but can be used independently on an iPad or iPhone.  Our utility (not connected to or endorsed by OmniFocus) will allow you to create new tasks from outlook emails or from scratch and also store associated reference material such as email attachments and other files in Dropbox with a reference to the newly created task.

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InControl Expenses

Expenses a small utility application which can be used to produce expense claim / report sheets that use the Irish Revenue Rates

The application is specifically designed for Ireland but may also be suitable for other Countries.

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InControl DFM

InControl DFM is Digital Safety File system designed to manage the vast amount of information required to manage and operate new and existing buildings and services.

InControl DFM is licensed through our partner – Moore DFM


QMS is a Quality Management System used to manage a companies QA system electronically.  All QA Procedures, QA Forms, QA Manual etc are stored in the system in PDF form giving complete access to the QA System documentation in electronic form and saving on the need to print out multiple copies of the documentation. 



SOP – Standard Operating Procedures is a small application that provides a consistent format for company Standard Operating Procedures allowing anyone authorised to develop SOPs to produce them in line with the Companies formatting policy



Computech Form Designer is a utility for creating forms and check lists.



incMaintenance is a software application designed to manage and schedule both routine and preventative maintenance.  Work Order requested can be generated and logged by anyone using a small Web Interface.


PO System

Purchase Order Generation and management system



Simple application to manage Enquiries, Orders and Invoicing – also includes the PO System module



Generate standard checklists for routine maintenance with tick boxes for Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc routines.



Simple work processor designed to produce standard printouts using the Companies standard format



Manages and records both the receipt and issue of documents including drawings


Free Utilities

MachineID – Required to create unique Machine IDs used in the licensing of most of our products


tkClock – simple GTD type timer and also incorporating the Pomodoro Technique timer